... march 31, 2013
In December, the mods were forced to lock down the forum because of run-away spam. Unfortunately, I have no had time to clean it up, so it's going to remain in stasis for a while, readable but not postable. I'd rather not take it down, but I can't open it back up until it's safe again. I'm very sorry about both the short-term and likely long-term impact on the forum, as I know it was a fun resource for a lot of modders.

The last real update is still just a quickie gallery of the house I built for my Sims 3 Generations fambly last summer. No download, unfortunately -- I just couldn't get it working correctly, but it shouldn't be too hard to duplicate. Enjoy the screenies!
... about juniper sun
Juniper Sun was originally established in December 2001 to expand the historical horizons of the Sims community while indulging in my own field of study in a unique way. Over the years, I have offered creations for all of the Sims games and beyond and helped maintain the creativity forum that became Juniper Sun's greatest claim-to-fame. My downloads are free.
The Sims 3 EULA is abundantly clear on the matter of digital ownership: By creating, playing, and uploading, we agree that EA owns the products of our play and that EA grants permission to everyone to use and distribute those materials. Adherence to requests and creator policies is strictly a matter of courtesy, not obligation. Therefore, you are free to clone, recolor, retexture, adapt, modify, reuse, and redistribute my Sims stuff, without my explicit permission. I ask that my work is not credited to anyone else, blocked behind donation/pay sites (which violate the game's terms-of-use), or hosted in an attempt to supplant this site (unless this site becomes unavailable and I become unreachable, in which case I grant any and all Sims fileshare sites the rights to host and distribute all of my Sims work). If you do need to contact me, please email or PM me via our forum.
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